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Manna Property Valuations

We Deliver Professional Property Valuation Services

Our Property Valuation Services provide ensured quality to property owners, fixed asset inventors, property managers, and various local government & state-owned enterprises.

We have over 25 
years of experience
Property Valuation

All Our Valuers
are registered with

Our team consists of multi
-skilled property, legal,
engineering and financial

We Offer Expert Solutions to Various Industries That Have A Vested Interest In South African Property

  • Municipal Valuations

We Deliver

Apart from the intermediate deliverables, the final deliverables will be as follows:

1. A General Valuation Roll
2. Annual Supplementary Roll
3. Assist municipalities to achieve compliance with the MPRA and other By Laws
4. Property Asset Register

  • Land Audits

Our professional valuers align their reports with their clients’ needs which could be valuing a property for mortgage bond applications; For insurance purpose, for auditing purposes; For verification of ownership and property value; Or part of due diligence prior to undertaking a multi-million rands property investment

Key to creating an integrated sustainable municipality our professionals assist the municipality to undertake a land audit and report on land use and development opportunities to achieve the:

•    Creation of integrated sustainable human settlements
•    Efficient and appropriate land use and development
•    Addressing the historical spatial imbalances
•    Tenure upgrade and land ownership
•    High density mixed-use development
•    Promote Investment
•    Rural development and agrarian reform & address other concerns and opportunities a client may need

Our team of property experts consult, valuate & advise clients in the public and private sectors.

  • Commercial Property Valuation

Commercial Valuations That Include But Are Not Limited To:

Retail property valuation is an intricate and complex undertaking. The details in terms of size, types and characteristics of a shopping centre, as well as the fact that it consists of many separate units managed as a single property, require detailed attention and comprehensive research & knowledge.
Commercial properties can change and develop more rapidly than any other type of property, thus requiring expert valuers to understand & implement the right valuation methodologies.

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